Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Sisterlock family member.

So finally... we allowed her to get Sisterlocks. Today is her official installation day.  Unfortunately our middle child, Nevaeh had a bad experience with chemicals. The school picture below is the day after this experience.  I have always taken care of it her whole life and never had a problem, even after she cut off her "entire" afro puff when she was two.   It just grew back very very quickly.:)  Whether it was taking her to get it pressed, pressing it myself or even putting a light texturizer in it, we never encountered any breakage or growth problems.  Everything seemed to be fine with our routine, until we encountered a bad experience.  This incident occured April 2012 the day before picture day at school, and just got progressively worse.  Oh well what happened is in the past!!!  As time went on, my baby lost about 8 inches of her shoulder length hair.  Well it's ok, because this has definately motivated her to want her sisterlocks even more.  Don't get me wrong I am such a stickler about reading ingredients on products, but as soon as I let my gaurds down this is what happened.  We also wanted her to be sure about her decision to have Sisterlocks.   I must say that she was asking to have them for the past couple of years before all of this happened.  As we drove to her appointment this morning she kept saying what a lot of us grown folk say, "I wish I would have done this earlier."  It's in the past now!   All we can do is move forward on a positive note.  So now we celebrate her journey and bright future with Sisterlocks.  Of course our three year old has been begging for them since she could talk.  One day I need to record her saying how much she wants Sisterlocks too.  Now here's the fun news  there will be more family and friends to come.  I will keep you posted :)     }|{      LOCK & ON & ON!   (more pics later) :)


Kreyola said...

She will love her new journey. Thanks for sharing, and tell her welcome to the sisterlocks family :)

Lady Butterfly said...

I sure will. :) Thanks. She is loving her sisterlocks!!!

PSLoveCharli said...

i'm sure she's loving it! her locs fit her perfectly. continue updating her journey! xo


Lady Butterfly said...

Thanks PS Love Charli. We are really loving her journey. They really do fit her. She is loving it.atsafc