Friday, May 16, 2014

Amazing Locks!!!

I was able to run into a locked beauty and I just had to take her picture. 
She has been locked for 17 years.  (What an amazing journey and commitment to a natural hair lifestyle!)
She is a DIY'er:  She maintains them on her own by...  PALM ROLLING THEM. (I was shocked!!!)
She uses her special secret beeswax.  This lock beauty states that it doesn't really matter what particular brand of shampoo but that she enjoys different kinds that are catered to natural hair.  At first when I saw her she had her hair up in a braided crown. ( like the picture below) I honestly thought she had Sisterlocks!  After she and I talked about our hair story and history, past to present, she sent me this pic of her tresses down and flowing freely, yet superbly "locked!"  I am glad to share this info with you about a great and successful journey with natural 100% REAL HAIR!!!  WOW!!!  MAKE WHAT YOU GROW BEAUTIFUL!!!  This grandmother and DIVA is absolutely FIERCE!!!

 Gives me hope... seriously...  my next twenty years is looking grand.  Enjoying life with my husband and kids. 



So Wheeler said...

Loevely, very pretty.

Lady Butterfly said...

I think it's beautiful too! Each stage is a process.

Cheleski of The Knotty Truth said...

What a process it is!!! #marchon #growon

Lady Butterfly said...

So true. Grateful for life's many blessings. So many people can't even enjoy the small things in life like hair because of illnesses or treatment. So this process is worth the bumps, lumps, "knots" and even the annoying lint.