Thursday, July 4, 2013

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Looking back at the fourth of June...

A few days after my last post, on June 4 I was admitted to the hospital with multiple pulmonary embolisms in my right lung.  I am so grateful to the Lord on today for life, health and strength.  I am still taking blood thinners and am following up closely with my doctors each week to have my blood drawn to see if I am still clotting. (PT-INR)  I was discharged on June 10 and was able to learn so much during my stay about my spirit, mind, and body.  I stayed in the Bible, listened to messages, a lot of them were preached by T.D. Jakes, and continuously prayed and worshipped God.  Again I am so grateful to be alive.  The signs were very, very subtle and it was nothing or no one but the leading of the Holy Spirit that has allowed me to graciously be here today.  Thank God it was not my time.  Thank God for His Grace and protection. 
As for Sisterlocks,  July 2, 2013 made three years  that I have been on this journey with my 2nd set. 
So today while you celebrate with your loved ones and families, please enjoy life, freedom and the privilege to have a relationship with your Savior and Creator.  Please take the time to smell the roses, embrace your children, and stroke your husband's ego.  If single, be grateful that God trusts you to FOCUS on Him even more.  If married make the most of your happiness and the gift of love, God has given you.  If you are in limbo, enjoy the ride, but hold tightly to the Lord's hand, trusting that He has your best interest at heart.    His will is that we are GRATEFUL...REMAIN FAITHFUL, (even when you can't see your way), and most of all DON'T COMPLAIN.  Tell God all about it! ;) (Thanks DL)

just washed, pic taken 6-22-13

taken July 2, 2013

7-2-13  Three years, two days Sisterlocked!
I am so happy to be alive!